We’re Movin’

February 2, 2012

Well. We Are Movin’. We’re Movin’ Cattle From One Pasture To Another Pasture!!  🙂



First We Needed A Drink!

Now We’re Ready!


Here We Go!



Looks Like We’re Goin Every Which Way…Huh?…Nope!…These pastures are side by side so we just went out the gate turned right and flipped a U!  Yeah Cattle Can Do This Without ANY Trouble…I Know…Cause They Just Did It!


Excuse Us While We Eat!


Ooops…Looks Like Someone Is Sneakin In A Swim!



Thought This Was Neat…Really I Thought It Was Neat That I Was Quick Enough To Get This Shot With My Phone!

Tomorrow We’re Gonna Do Some Hay Grindin’!!!

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